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Industrial equipment

Leading edge industrial equipment

Over the years, La Comtoise has developed efficient production equipment, at the leading edge of technology, in order to guarantee capacity, quality, regularity and traceability to its customers.

The production site now operates with:

- 4 fully automated processed cheese manufacturing lines: 4 tonnes per hour / 11 hours per day
- 1 line for grated cheese:
2 tonnes per hour / 8 hours per day

Processed cheese is obtained by grinding, mixing, melting and emulsifying a cheese or a mix of cheeses, possibly with the addition of other dairy products or foodstuffs.


Manufacturing process


Video: discover our manufacturing processes in pictures

Salons France 2019


Thank you all for coming to see us:

In Lyon for SIRHA

In Rennes for the CFIA

In Paris for the M.A.D.E.

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