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Our cheese sauces for the food service industry

Able to draw on wealth of processed cheese experience, La Comtoise offers a range of fresh cheese sauces for food service professionals.


Add a gourmet touch to your French fries!

Whether reheated or used at room temperature, La Comtoise fresh cheese sauces are perfect for pouring over your French fries to give them a special smooth touch.

Perfect sauces for on-site consumption, click & collect or delivery.

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Add a touch of richness to your hot sandwiches!

An easy way to add a smooth and delicious cheesy note to your hot sandwiches.

Our cheese sauces are fluid but not runny.
A key ingredient that adds a variety of textures.

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Spruce up your cold sandwiches with a silky smooth sauce!

In one easy step, give your cold sandwiches a smooth and indulgent cheesy touch.

Our cheese sauces are very easy to spread and portion out, and are fluid but not runny.

A vital ingredient that protects the bread from soaking up moisture from the fillings.

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Liven up your salads with a drizzle of fresh, light sauce!

Add an original touch to your salads by replacing vinaigrette with a smooth and light cheese sauce!

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Delicious creamy sauces to take your gratins to new heights!

Whip up excellent cheesy gratins easily and quickly by adding our cheese sauces straight to your preparations.

Vary your gratin recipes with our range of fresh sauces!
Thanks to their fluid consistency, they coat all your ingredients perfectly.

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Cook up deliciously creamy pasta dishes and risottos!

Create delicious pasta dishes and tasty risottos effortlessly with our fresh cheese sauces.

You can use them to coat all shapes and varieties of pasta and to add creaminess to your risottos.

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For deliciously varied appetisers!

Add some sparkle to your appetisers with our extensive range of smooth fresh cheese sauces.

Served hot or cold, they are perfect as dips for French fries and vegetables, or any other ingredient of your choice

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Add some pizazz to your meat and vegetables with a creamy sauce - just like homemade!

Choose from our extensive range of fresh cheese sauces – guaranteed to impress and delight your customers.

So easy and quick to use – you’ll find them indispensable.

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Add a creamy, cheesy touch to your tacos!

The perfect cheese sauces for your French tacos and Mexican tacos!

With their smooth and delicious texture, they coat tortilla toppings beautifully – and add a bold cheese flavour.

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