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La Comtoise

Supplier of cheese sauces for the food service industry

Building on its expertise in processed cheeses, La Comtoise also offers a wide range of fresh cheese sauces for foodservice professionals.

Creative and innovative, these sauces come in a wide range of recipes to bring a real taste of cheese to your creations.

Presented in 500g doypacks or 1kg pouches, they are quick and easy to use.

These fluid-textured sauces can be used hot or cold to add a creamy, gourmet touch to your dishes.

La Comtoise

How to use our cheese sauces in your recipes?

You can use our sauces cold.
For hot use, here are our recommendations:
Place the pouch / doypack in:

  • Water-bath: 60°c for 15 min
  • Steam oven: 80°c for 12 min
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