Our cheese solutions for industry

La Comtoise always offers a wide range of processed cheeses and custom-made cheese specialities for agri-food manufacturers.


Cordon bleus

  • Expertly processed products for slicing.
  • Smooth with no spreading or leakage when fried on the production line or reheated by the consumer.
  • Can be adapted to meet your needs in terms of log size and shape, required texture, colour or taste.
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  • Products for slicing in round or square logs customised for your production lines.
  • Optimised sliceability to meet production output requirements.
  • Smooth and creamy texture when reheated by the consumer.
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Hamburgers and hot sandwiches

  • Products for slicing in round or square logs.
  • The cheese retains a beautiful texture when reheated, does not leak out and has a perfect pouring consistency.
  • Shapes to suit your production constraints in terms of slicing and assembly.
  • A wide choice of recipes: Emmental, Cheddar, Gouda, Edam…
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Cold sandwiches

  • Superbly sliceable products, in round or square logs.
  • The cheese retains its appearance, flavour and supple texture, even when used with other ingredients.
  • Reduces the amount of moisture transferred between the different ingredients in the sandwich.
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Fillings for pasta and pastries

  • Cheese preparations with a creamy texture to suit the application.
  • Easy to use, either hot or cold.
  • For immediate use or for adding to another preparation, depending on the recipe.
  • Optimised for easy portioning on automated production lines, no waste.
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  • Wide choice of recipes with ready-grated processed cheese, blocks for grating or stamping, and pouring sauces.
  • Calibration of sizes for precise portioning.
  • Guarantees a beautiful processed product and superb “stringiness”, with no leakage of fat.
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Cooked dishes

  • Specially designed cheese preparations for a perfect coating for ingredients or a speedy gratin.
  • A variety of textures, different consistencies, grated products or in chips.
  • For a stringy or creamy result just like a natural cheese, made with a wide variety of cheeses.
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Cheese croquettes

  • Precisely calibrated recipes customised to suit final applications and process constraints.
  • Processed cheeses for slicing or shaping prior to breading and cooking.
  • Smooth and stringy texture, retain all their qualities when reheated, no leakage.
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