Custom-made cheeses


Cheeses to suit all our customers’ industrial applications!

The problem

Thanks to our know-how in the development of “made-to-measure” cheese applications, we are able to meet all our customers’ requests in terms of products. Creamy, smooth or stringy, we always offer our customers cheeses processed in accordance with their requirements and the type of end product involved, however complex these may be.

Our solution

Breaded cheese croquettes, for example: for this type of application, LA COMTOISE offers processed cheeses with the perfect texture for coating with breadcrumbs and then freezing. When cooked, either in the oven or deep fryer, the cheese does not leak out of the croquette, but retains its smooth or stringy quality when eaten: proof of consummate expertise in judging the melting point of the processed cheese used and an excellent knowledge of the production process.